Mar 8, 2020

A travel to Marinduque during the lull season

Anyone can still enjoy Marinduque even though it is not Holy Week. In fact, it is even better to plan a trip to the island in times when tourists are less. Because that means more me-time to some attractions that this island has to offer.

A wall art at The Boac Hotel.
For my 28th birthday, I planned for a birthday getaway in an island located in south-western Luzon - Marinduque. 

It was supposedly a trip for two but a friend of mine bailed out for personal reasons. Despite the loss of companion, I went on with it, besides, the trip had been long overdue already. Two years ago, I planned the same with another friend but, unfortunately, work got in the way so I wasn't able to go.

Jan 12, 2020

Why am I single?

With only a month away for my 28th birthday, I decided to write about the most pressing question I get the past years. Stalkers (as if I have) can go munching on this bit of a personal post I don't happen to write about that often. LOL